About Us


    has a mission to contribute to the progress of life science researches by providing up-to-date technologies and information to the customers in this field.
    To perform our mission, we make strenuous efforts to search and introduce unique and innovative products using our specially selected world-wide network.
    We are committed to providing unique product and technological solutions to the challenges facing the scientific community. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service, quality and innovation to our valued customers.

    We aim to serve for the improvement of human welfare through the biotechnology-related business with global vision.

  • Our Courses of Action (Five Improvements)
      ■Improvement of knowledge
      ■Improvement of Sales Strategy
      ■Improvement of Technique
      ■Improvement of Communication Skill
      ■Improvement of Management

  • Reliable advice:

    We are staffed and equipped to handle the wide variety of inquiries made by our customers and thus to help our customers to solve their problems.


    Establishment :
      June 1985
    Representative :
      Norihiko Shibayama, President
      Head Office  Toyo-Ekimae Bldg., 2-20, Toyo 2-Chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0016, Japan
      Warehouse   681-75, Yonku-cho, Nasu-Shiobara city, Tochigi-pref 329-2746, Japan
    Employees :
      approx. 40
    Capital :
      49 Million JPY
    Turnover :
      1.99 Billion JPY (18.1 Million USD) in 2020
      Now, we are a member of Cosmo Bio Group.
      Cosmo Bio Group creates synergy effects to support life science researches with lab essentials, “consumables and   instruments” and “reagents.”

    Lab Essential Consumables
    Pipette tips, Micro tubes, PCR tubes & plates, Test tubes & plates, Examination gloves, Tissue culture wares, etc.

  • Lab Essential Instruments
    Centrifuges, shakers, Incubators, Sample processing devices, Liquid handling devices, electrophoresis, etc.

  • Genetic Research Instruments
    Thermocyclers, Electroporator, Gel Documentation system, etc.

  • Cell Biology Instruments
    Cell culture incubators, Cryo-preservation devices

  • Imaging Instruments
    Light-sheet microscope, Digital slide scanners, etc

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