Muse(TM)System Check Kit

商品名 Muse(TM)System Check Kit
品番 MCH100101
ブランド Cytek Biosciences
希望販売価格 ¥47,000
単位 1キット(100反応)
在庫 6
販売価格 ¥47,000
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The Muse(TM) System Check Kit ー100 Tests (Part Number: MCH100101) is used to verify the performance of your Guava(R) Muse(TM) System by assessing counting accuracy and fluorescence detection using a standardized fluorescent bead reagent.
The kit contains the Muse System Check Bead Reagent and the System Check Diluent. To ensure that the Muse System provides reliable, accurate results, run the System Check procedure every day that the instrument is used before performing any assay.

The Muse System Check Kit is optimized for use with the Muse Cell Analyzer.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.